Common Sense on Tourism in Mexico

As a country located in the south of North America, Mexico shares border with United States to the north, covering an area of 2 million square meters. This country is divided into two climate stereotype – temperate climate and tropical zone. Owing to some cities’ high altitude, their average temperature ranges from 16℃ to 18℃, forming a pleasant living environment for fauna, flora and people living in Mexico.

Influenced by its unique climate stereotype, there are diverse plants and animals will enter into your sight. Its food and cuisine are entirely different region by region. The diversity of its cuisine also shall attributed to its interweaving relations with various regions. Anyone from other country is surprised by its cultural diversity and diversity of spices.

In this high altitude country, the most popular sport is football. In their free time, people are enthusiastic about it. The Mexico national football team has achieved great achievements in the past decades, that’s the reason why Mexico football shirt is sought after among football fans, especially the latest football shirt unveiled in 2017. Please enter for more information.


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