Tourism in Brazil – Exotic Customs

Tourism in Brazil is uprising and plays a more and more important role in its economy. As a country located in the South America, Brazil shares border with all countries in South America except for Ecuador and Chile, covering an area of 7,491 square kilometers. In Brazil, you can visit many places of interest to explore its diversity of fauna and flora, experiencing entirely different life style of local indigenous people.

Tourism in Brazil is also a tourism of cuisine and a tourism of culture. Influenced by many tribes’ life styles and custom, Brazilian cuisines are entirely different region by region. As an original producer of coffee beans, coffee is the most popular beverage in Brazil. So there are many old coffee plants which preserved many previous pattern.

Apart from fabulous food, it is also a country chasing after football. The Brazil national football team has witnessed its golden era in the past decades. And many professional famous football players go out and walk into vision of people from all over the world. Brazil football shirt in 2016 follows its tradition while creating something new.

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