Introduction on Tourism in the United States

As a symbol of modern metropolis, there are many places of interest in the United States. Only simply standing on the street of New York or Washington D.C., you’ll find find something entirely different with any tranquil countryside – fast rhythm of city. Main part of the United States locates on North America, covering an area of 7,663,940.6 square kilometers.

There are various climate in the beautiful places for the broad territorial area and mountains on this boundless land. For this reason, there are many national parks are sought after among thousands of tourists from across the world. As visiting its changeable natural landscapes, you also make a great contribution to its environmental protection.

As one of the most watched sports, American people attach a great importance to the United States men’s national soccer team. In view of great success having been achieved in the past several decades, United States football shirt become a hot selling product in Fc Kingdom, especially the latest home shirt unveiled in 2016.

Interesting Tourism in Colombia

As a sovereign state located in South America, Colombia is a country sharing border with Panama to the northwest and Venezuela to the east. Owing to its geographical position and topography, Colombian climate is full of characters of subtropical and equatorial places.

Cuisine in Colombia are entirely different region by region for the diversity of fauna and flora and ethic group. Purely natural agricultural products and unique ingredients attracts thousands of foodies from all over the world. Before the eating your main courses, it’s a great regret if you ignored the representative appetizers and soups.

Apart from sublime local cuisines, tourists from across the world paid much attention to their free time out of work. Colombia national football team is one of the teams worth well being supported for its splendid outcomes achieved in the past decades. Colombia football shirt is also a hot selling products for the team’s performance at international sports event, especially the latest home shirt in 2016.